Friday, May 16, 2014

How Am I A Creationist?

People sometimes ask me, "How can you be a Creationist?" like it's a childhood belief people are born with, but they're supposed to grow out of it. Like believing in the tooth fairy, or Santa Claus.

I tell them my story is actually quite different, and it starts back when I was an atheist...

See, I believed in a naturalistic origin for the whole world, and all the universe - a paradigm entirely without God or gods. And I wanted to know how to be able to really defend my beliefs, and take those Christians to task in scientific and logical terms. So I began studying "the texts" - I began studying evolution in detail.

But when I started looking deeply into evolutionary theory, I realized that it makes sense on the surface. It's a very finely crafted argument, up to a point. But then things start to break down, and there are some very fundamental questions that are sidestepped or entirely avoided. Like major holes in the theory that really should have answers, if it's that astute a belief system.

Naturally, I sought answers. If I wasn't finding them in the books, I figured I'd ask people who should know - professors and scientists. But when you start asking questions about the dogma of evolution - when you start expressing doubts about their deeply held beliefs - they spout pat answers.  They don't really answer the questions - they avoid answering directly.  Then they start getting nervous, and looking at you askance.

And then their eyes flash, like they know you, and
they point their knobby fingers at you, and they shout, "Heretic! Heretic!!!"

And then they send the mob with torches after you....

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