Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Curtain Closes

Some things, even in International Affairs, are permanent. Death is one of those things.

No matter how the spinmeisters -- at CNN or Al Jazeera -- try to play this, one thing about Saddam Hussein's execution cannot be a negative. He is gone forever.

So long as he lived -- even in captivity -- some remote possibilities remained on the table. Now, some of those potentialities are completely eliminated.

There is a complicated interplay of motivating factors for the terrorists/insurgents in the Iraqi front of the War on Terror. One impetus for some of them to keep going was the dream -- however unrealistic -- that if they played their cards right they might somehow restore Saddam and his regime to power in Baghdad. Saddam himself played to this hope (or fear, for those Iraqis on our side).

Now that's impossible. And that cannot but be a great thing for the United States and the War on Terror.

The extent of the impact of Saddam's death may take a while to assess. Some of it may be counteracted by the "martyr" factor (most of which existed while he was imprisoned, regardless of his life status).

But it is likely -- and it is my hope -- that some of the wind will be taken from the terrorists' sails from this simple, but final, action.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Debut - Welcome!

I've been meaning to start this blog for some time, and just never got around to it. Now I'm on my way.

I will begin my blogging career by highlighting a column I submitted, which has been published at :

A growing split in the pro-life community

In the wake of last week's U.S. House vote on the Fetal Pain bill, several magazines, blogs and pro-life websites have begun to discuss a growing split in the pro-life community over bills like this that attempt to slow or regulate abortions, but not stop them.

Some such divisions can be detrimental to a cause. Others can finally crystallize the issue and energize the movement.

The debate over incremental anti-abortion laws, versus working toward the goal of stopping abortion altogether, is a necessary crisis of conscience for pro-lifers. Its resolution will determine the future of abortion in America.

To read the rest of the column at click below: